Glomethazine XP // ElectraX


Glomethazine XP    ***NOTE MUST HAVE ELECTRA2.8 TO USE*** 

Filled with new & creative ahead of the curve sounds this XP was made to help your beats stand out from the crowd with ease.

From crystallized arps to electrifying pads, bass & leads, alongside some dark ambient keys, Glomethazine is all that you could ask for and more.

Utilizing Electra's powerful multi-layer capabilties alongside all the amazing new FX in verison 2.8, these sounds are perfect for those hard edge type beats Comethazine is known for rapping on & is sure to get your creative side flowing in no time.

Say goodbye to beat block & boring old sounds & be ready to create some tight shit.


⦁ 50 Sounds that can be transformed into 50 more (100 Total)

⦁ Made in the style of Comethazine, Ronny J, Denzel Curry, ZillaKami & more! 

⦁ Created by professional sound designer Ocean Veau

⦁ All sounds can be "transformed' with the modwheel 

⦁ Crazy ass arpeggios, futuristic & morphing pads, haunting keys, dirty sci-fi bass, warping leads.

⦁ Most of the sounds in this XP were created from scratch outside of Electra using granulizers & other fx before being imported into Electra as wavetables and designed further to ensure that you have sounds that nobody else has ever had.

⦁ Volume of all sounds have been properly normalized.

⦁ Minimal sample use & the patches that do have samples have been properly programmed so they are still capable of full dynamic expression & the highest possible sound quality.

⦁ All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required.

⦁ Compatible with all daws.

⦁ Easy installation

⦁ Mac or PC

 Contains Bonus Drum Kit

Great for hard trap & hip hop, cinematic, filmscoring, glitch, sci-fi, sample making, or whatever musical endeavours of your choice.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

Preview The Sounds Here