Best Seller Bundle // ElectraX

$149.97 $360

Electra XPs & Kits Inlcuded : Believe, Enigmatik, Globots, Hearing Colors, Imagine, Magnolia, Nefelibata, Rage is LUV, & Gucci Gang.

Featuring a collection of Ocean's best sellers (16 kits total) this bundle is perfect for capturing everything from today's modern music scene or even if you're looking to capture a more classic vibe in your music production.

All around this pack is a perfect blend of everything you need to take your music to the next level right away. 

Whether you're aiming for the trap sound of this era to rnb & pop or even film scoring to rock etc. the best seller bundle is the perfect choice for you.

This bundle gives you everything you need from expansion packs to original drum kits & will definitely be a go to in your collection for years to come. Enjoy the veau! LOV3


8 XPs Consisting of 515 Sounds For ElectraX 1.4 or Higher

8 Drum Kits Consisting of 521 One Shots In WAV Format

Compatible In All DAWS 

PC or Mac