"ELECTRA ATAKE" Electra2 Presets

Ocean Veau

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Looking for those Uzi vibes? Look no further I got you.

I literally just listened to every song on Uzi's latest album Eternal Atake and made every sound as close as I could & added a lil' juice to them.

This is also perfect for some Playboi Carti, Nav & Pierre Bourne, type shit.

Great for those chill type vibes or the hyperwave stuff Uzi be on sometimes with the dance songs & all the gated trance synths.

Electra Atake was made for the person who loves those easy to use sounds that can blend well with many genres & easily assist in making hits.

Hope you have fun with the sounds & also you can connect with me on IG @oceanveau.

I'd love to hear what you make so tag me when you make something so I can repost!

Enjoy the veau! LOV3


XP INCLUDES40 Brand New Sounds For Electra2.7

Compatible With All Daws ~ Mac or PC

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