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"EXCELSIOR" Electra2 Presets

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The "EXCLESIOR Electra2 Bank" features to a collection of sounds and presets for the Electra2 synthesizer, which is known for its powerful sound design capabilities and versatility. This particular bank stands out for its distinct and unusual sounds that are not commonly found in other sound libraries.

Some of the features that make this bank unique include:

  • Unconventional and experimental sound design: The bank features a wide range of sounds that push the boundaries of what is possible with the Electra2 synth, including abstract textures, granular synthesis, and unconventional modulation techniques.

  • A diverse range of sounds: The bank includes a wide variety of sounds, from atmospheric pads and arps to gritty basses and leads, as well as vintage sounding keys, synths & plucks.

  • High-quality samples and presets: The sounds and presets included in the bank have been carefully crafted and fine-tuned to provide the highest quality and most usable sounds possible.

  • Extensive modulation possibilities: The bank includes a wide range of presets that make use of the Electra2's extensive modulation capabilities, allowing for dynamic and expressive sound manipulation.

Overall, the "EXCELSIOR Electra2 Bank & Drum Library" offers a diverse and extensive collection of sounds that are perfect for music producers and sound designers looking for something truly original and inspiring. It is suitable for different genre of music and will help to add a new dimension to any music production.

    ➤  50 Brand New Sounds For Electra2.8 + BONUS Drum Library

      All sounds can be morphed with the modwheel so 100 sounds in total.

      Compatible with all daws. (must have Electra 2.8)***

      Created by professional sound designer @oceanveau