Glo-Fi // ElectraX + Drum Kit


Ocean Veau & Imperial Muzikk have teamed up once again to bring you the first of it's kind Lo-Fi preset bank "Glo-Fi.

The sounds in this bank have been crafted to give you that warm, vintage, record player type feel that will have everybody thinking you sampled some old classics when in fact it is you behind the keys!

This bank is perfect for you if you love that crisp, warm, vintage sound and are looking to add a classic feel to your production.

These sounds can be used for whatever style you're into its all up to you and your imagination.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

XP INCLUDES - 78 Brand New Presets For Electra 1.4 or Higher
Mac or PC
Compatible With All DAWS
DRUM KIT INCLUDES - 90 Brand New Sounds In High Quality WAV Format