Ocean Veau

"Hyperpop XP" Electra2 Bank


Hyperpop XP For Electra 2.8


⦁ 50 Brand New Sounds that can transform into 50 more. (100 Total)

⦁ Inspired by Hyperpop artist such as Lil Uzi, Brandon Finessin, Osquinn & more.

⦁ Viedo game & trance like arps, big & epic oscillating synth pads, multi-layered keys & plucks, gated, moving bass.

⦁ Pefect for making edm, pop, trap , video scoring & more.

⦁ Multi-layered sounds with wide dynamic range.

⦁ All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required.

⦁ Compatible with all daws. (must have Electra 2.8)

⦁ Created by professional sound designer @oceanveau

⦁ Mac or PC.


Great for hyperpop, trap, edm, trance. dance, rnb, video game scoring, or where ever your imagination leads you! Enjoy the veau! LOV3

Preview The Sounds Here


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