Imagine // Drum Kit + Bonus Electra XP


Featuring 105 custom drum & FX plus 25 brand new sounds for ElectraX.

From the hardest hitting cut-thru the mix drums alongside some new wave futuristic FX, vox & stomps paired with 25 brand new sounds for ElectraX.

You definitely cannot go wrong with these sounds

So what will you be able to imagine with imagine?

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

Compatible With All DAWS

Mac or PC

Presets Made For ElectraX 1.4 or Higher

10 808s
10 Vox
10 Claps
10 Crash
10 FX
10 Percs
10 Open Hats
10 Hi-Hats
10 Kicks
10 Snares
5 Stomps
5 Plucks
5 Leads
5 Pads
5 Arps
5 Bells

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