Kings Of Electra Vol.1 // ElectraX


No gimmicks, no flukes, no bullshit, just straight fire from the first preset to the last.

Ocean & Imperial are back as the self proclaimed Kings Of Electra with plenty sources and testimonials to back up a claim like that.

If you want original, 100% made from scratch, non recycled presets then you should know by now where to find them & if you haven't heard then YES you're in the right place.

Kings Of Electra Vol.1 was made for any & all genres and features a wide range of sonically pleasing sounds alongside more analog and warm sounding patches that can give any track that classic feel.

Enjoy the veu! LOV3

CONTAINS 80 BRAND NEW SOUNDS | Works In Electra 1.4 or Higher

Mac or PC

Compatible With All DAWS