Legends Never Die XP // ElectraX

Legends Never Die XP // ElectraX

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Legends Never Die XP         

First things first LONG LIVE JUICE WRLD! These sounds were created in honor of the legend himself. This XP is perfect for helping you make hits like Juice was known for with ease.

Each sound has been crafted in the style of most of the sounds that were used on his latest album Legends Never Die. From melodic guitars & keys to melancholy pads alongside very cool & fun sounding synths, arps & leads, Legends Never Die brings you all you could ask for if you're looking to make chart toppers!

Say goodbye to beatblock & boring old sounds & be ready to create your best music to date!

⦁ 50 Brand New Sounds That Can Be Morphed Into 50 More (100 Total)

⦁ Created by professional sound designer Ocean Veau

⦁ All sounds can be "transformed' with the modwheel

⦁ Futuristic arpeggios, cinematic & emotion driven pads, ambient & spacey keys, smooth plucks, deep synth bass, actual sampled guitars, pop driven leads & synths.

⦁ Volume of all sounds have been properly normalized.

⦁ Patches that do have samples have been properly programmed so they are still capable of full dynamic expression & the highest possible sound quality.

⦁ All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required.

⦁ Compatible with all daws.

⦁ Easy to use sounds

⦁ Mac or PC.


Great for pop type trap music, rnb, cinematic, filmscoring, pop, emo, sample making, or whatever musical endeavours of your choice. Hits will be made! Enjoy the veau. LOV3

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