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"LUHVV" Electra2Presets

"LUHVV" Electra2Presets

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 💜 LuhVV 💜 Synth XP For Electra 2.8 Highlights

50 Brand New SYNTHS that can Morph into 50 different sounds (100 Total Sounds)

25 Looperator Presets & 10 MIDI for instant inspiration.

∙ Created by sound designer ELWOA. @iiiluvyu

∙ Analog & Digital sounds with MODWHEEL activation.

∙ Created in the electrifying style of Playboi Carti, Yeat, Kankan, Summrs, Tsan3000 etc.

∙ Patches that do have samples have been properly programmed so they are still capable of full dynamic expression & the highest possible sound quality.

∙ Compatible with all daws. (Must Have Electra2.8)

∙ Mac or PC.

Genres Great for trap, hyperpop, rage, pluggnb or any style your imagination sees fit! Much LOV3

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