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Metamorph // Looperator

Sale price17.00



⦁ 40 Brand New Presets

⦁ Perfect for morphing & transforming your samples or melodies.

⦁ Add color & creativity to your music with the click of a button.

⦁ Easy to use & not over done.

⦁ Can be used as transitions with automation clips.

⦁ Presets consist of a blend of halftime, reversing, reverbed, repeating, looping, granulized, distorted, delayed, filtered & warping.

⦁ Compatible with all daws. (Must Have Looperator)

⦁ Mac or PC.

Trap, electronic, cinematic, sample making, hip-hop, edm, pop, or whatever you feel really there are no rules in music & creativity!

Enjoy the veau! LOV3