Ocean Veau

Resurrections // Electra2



Resurrections XP For Electra 2.8

⦁ 50 Brand New Sounds For Electra2.8

⦁ Inspired by the Terminator films, Alien Covenant, Prometheus, Horror, Sci-Fi etc.

⦁ All sounds "transform" with the modwheel so 100 sounds in total.

⦁ Crazy alien trap sounds that were made for those who love to push the boundaries & be creative.

⦁ Apocalyptic sounding arps, machine inspired bass, lush & distorted keys, screeching alien leads, piercing plucks, pads that are eerie and sci-fi driven.

⦁ Perfect for cinematic driven production, film scoring, dark trap, movie trailers, sci-fi, scaring your family & more.

⦁ All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required.

⦁ Compatible with all daws. (must have Electra 2.8)***

⦁ Created by professional sound designer Ocean Veau

⦁ Mac or PC.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

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