Selcouth // Sample Pack


"Selcouth (adj.) strange, unfamiliar, marvelous. Combining the sense of strangeness with that of wonder. Reflects the sense of wonder & amazement at seeing something truly new & unusual."

 In need of a quick spark of imagination & creativity? Well then look no further as Ocean Veau brings to you "Selcouth" Sample Pack.

Ready for you to chop, flip or arrange however you want these samples range from that beautiful ,strange ,psychedelic sound Ocean Veau is known for alongside lo-fi 80's style & 8-Bit video game sounding samples this sample pack is sure to get your creative juices flowing in no time.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

INCLUDES 15 Samples
Includes Stems For Each Individual Sample
16 Bit WAV Format
Compatible With All DAWS | Mac or PC
These Samples Are Not Royalty Free