Suge XP // ElectraX


 Ocean Veau has teamed up with the amazing Producer/Sound Designer Fiori this time around to bring you the Suge XP & Drum Kit.

The sounds in this pack were created in the style of DaBaby's music who's known for his hit songs "Suge", "Goin Baby" & many more. 

Filled with very bright & futuristic plucks & keys alongside some crazy arps, pads & synths this XP will definitely have you cookin' up heat in no time.

Crafted especially for that space age sound DaBaby's producer JetsonMade is known for this pack is perfect if you're looking to make something really creative & fun sounding.

The drum section of this pack was created by Fiori and if you haven't heard his drums yet then you're definitely in for a treat.

These drums were handcrafted by Fiori & capture that raw, futuristic sound Dababy & JetsonMade are known for.

Filled with those short punchy new wave 808's alongside some percs, fx, kicks, snares & more this drum kit will be one of the best additions ever to your collection.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3

XP INCLUDES - 50 Sounds For Electra 1.4 or Higher

Mac or PC

Compatible With All DAWS

DRUM KIT INLCUDES - 107 Sounds In High Quality  WAV Format