Tesla // ElectraX


In honor of the late great Nikola Tesla we bring to you this collection of sounds.

Nikola Tesla was a very intelligent man who way ahead of his time in fact most of his inventions led to most of the technology we use today. 

Nikola stood for innovation, progress, forward thinking & overall just creating a better world in general.

He thought outside the box all his life and was a beacon of light and inspiration to many even to this day.

Once Albert Einstein was asked "how does it feel to be the smartest man in the world?" and he replied " I don't know you would have to ask Nikola Tesla"!

These sounds can be used for any genre of music or even for film scoring & other endeavors.

Alot of these patches were pre-designed outside of ElectraX and then further synthesized in ElectraX to make sure you have sounds that nobody else has.

From very ambient arps & pads to dreamy synths, keys & plucks alongside some crazy bass Tesla has everything & more you could ask for in an XP.

See for yourself with the Walk-Thru video link below!

Enjoy the veau! LOV3 
XP INCLUDES - 80 Brand New Sounds For Electra 1.4 or Higher
Mac or PC | Compatible With All DAWS
Preview The Sounds Here