"TRAP SOUNDSET" Electra2 Presets

Ocean Veau

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100 Sounds that can morph into 100 more

⦁ Professional sound design by @oceanveau

⦁ All sounds can be "transformed' with the modwheel so really 200 sounds in total.

⦁ Transforming arpeggios, cinematic & morphing pads, ambient & spacey keys & plucks, life like vintage bass & guitars, alongside soothing & warping leads & synths.

⦁ Volume of all sounds have been properly normalized.

⦁ Minimal sample use & the patches that do have samples have been properly programmed so they are still capable of full dynamic expression & the highest possible sound quality.

⦁ All sounds have been designed so that little to no mixing is required.

⦁ Compatible with all daws. (Must Have Electra2.8)

⦁ Easy installation

⦁ Mac or PC.

Great for trap & hip hop, RnB, cinematic, filmscoring, experimental, sample making, or whatever musical endeavours of your choice. Very wide range of versatilty. Enjoy the veau!


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