Universal Nature Bundle // ElectraX

$79 $160

Includes 4 XPs for Electra and 2 Drum Kits

XPs Included -  3hree6ix9ine, Animvl. Glomethazine & Tesla

The sounds in this bundle were made from a variety of sources like actual animals recorded in nature and also from sound vibrations recorded from various plants all throughout nature using a special device that converts their vibrations into tones.

There's even some sounds that were made from a UFO signal received directly from outer space in 1971!! No BS lol

This bundle is literally out of this world and one of a kind as the sounds in this pack provide a wide range of possibilities.

From film scoring to making beats these sounds are a direct source of inspiration and will instantly cure any beat block you maybe facing.

Use for whatever genre, style or idea you may have. You can't go wrong with the wide range of sounds in this bundle.

Enjoy the veau! LOV3


190 Sounds For Electra 1.4 or Higher

Mac or PC / Compatible With All DAWS

100 One Shots in WAV Format

* BONUS * 10 Original Samples by Ocean Veau